Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can start at any age that causes reoccurring, sudden, unprovoked seizures. Epilepsy attacks happen as a result of abnormal electrical brain activity. These seizures can make you move or behave strangely, have convulsions or pass out.

Different types of epilepsy seizures:

  • Seizures lasting for a few seconds or minutes. People with grand mal” or “tonic-clonic” seizures will suddenly pass out, get stiff, and have jerking movements.
  • Other types of seizures cause less dramatic symptoms, such as shaking movements in one part of the body. Others can suddenly stop responding and stare for a few seconds.

Some people can tell they are about to have a seizure by a feeling or smell called an “aura.”

There are two neurology tests for epilepsy conditions:

  • EEG/Electroencephalogram Test – Measuring the electrical activity in the brain.
  • CT or MRI scan – Creates images of the brain.

Anti-seizure medicines are usually used to treat epilepsy. These medicines can help prevent seizures but can’t cure epilepsy. If the medicine options are exhausted, there are specialised alternative therapies that can be discussed individually. 

Don’t ever stop your anti-seizure medication on your own. If you haven’t had seizures for several years, you might talk to your doctor about stopping your medicine. Each state has their own rules about driving on anti-seizure medication. You will probably need to be seizure-free for some time before driving again. You might also need your doctor’s permission. Always talk with your doctor before you start to try and get pregnant. They might change your anti-seizure medicine or folic acid. You should wear a medical bracelet to let others know about your epilepsy.

The doctors at Clinical Neurology Services have years of experience in the management of adult and paediatric epilepsy. We also provide EEG services in our practice. We can facilitate the transition of care from Paediatric to Adult Neurologist for the management of Epilepsy.

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